The staff for our national office provide administrative services for our organization and currently consists of three individuals:

Mr. Kevin  Hacke

Department: Strategic Direction, Operations Title: Executive Vice President E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (312) 321-6830 Profile: Kevin is NAIFA's Executive Vice President and provides leadership and management for NAIFA.  He is responsible for the success of the operations and supervision of the entire NAIFA staff team, and provides guidance and support to the NAIFA Board of Directors.

Ms. Meredith   McCann

Department: Membership, Education Title: Senior Associate E-mail:
[email protected] Phone: (312) 321-6830
Profile: Meredith is NAIFA's primary membership contact person, and handles all prospective member inquiries as well as current NAIFA member services.  She also serves as NAIFA's primary contact for course registrations, transcript and certificate copies, pin and brochure order fulfillment.

Ms. Toni  Barbarone

Department: Membership, Education Title: Associate E-mail:
[email protected] Phone: 312-321-6830